Welcome to Mid Wales Travel, Mid Wales' leading coach hire company, established in 1959.

Mid Wales Travel operate a European corporate coach hire service, supplying: -

  • School coach hire
  • University coach hire
  • Sports team coach hire
  • Private coach hire
  • Coach hire for tourist groups

Our executive coach fleet is one of the most modern in Wales and we take pride in our modern luxury executive coaches (click here to read more about our fleet).



Destinations and Routes

Mid Wales Travel can supply coach hire to all destinations and routes starting and finishing anywhere within Europe. We have experience at travelling through most European countries including Belgium, Germany, France and Spain and hold a valid European Community Licence to meet with EU law.


Mid Wales Travel would like to make a statement regarding the changes to the services at the end of the month.

These are not changes that we want to make. These are changes to ensure the service continues.

Firstly, please understand that we do not receive any subsidies from the council and that these services survive purely on takings from passengers. 

Passenger numbers are below 50% pre covid. 

Therefore, with 50% less money coming in and the help from the government coming to an end, we are facing serious challenges.

Added to that, the rising cost of fuel, wages, parts, maintenance and utilities mean we must make changes or the service will stop completely.

We understand this is not an ideal situation and are very sorry that we cannot carry on as before.

We thank everyone who supports us and hope you continue using our services; the more people who use the service, the more chance we can continue to support it.

Mid Wales Travel 

Public Service Routes

Mid Wales Travel also provide public bus service routes. Click here for timetables.


Mid Wales Travel are currently looking for drivers. Click here for more information.


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